Hands up if mosquitoes and bugs absolutely love you? Yep, that’s me too. I don’t know what it is about me, but if I’m somewhere exotic, I seem to attract all the local insects and mozzies. I must tasty absolutely delicious!

Mosquitoes LOVE Me

I first discovered I was prone to mosquito bites when I visited Mexico’s Caribbean coast. After one day I counted over 20 bites on my legs, yet the friend I was travelling with barely had any.

On other trips, the same thing has happened. I spent a day in one of Canada’s national parks in the summer and was eaten alive. Then there was that time in Belize when I racked up over 30 bites in a 20-minute period. My fault – it was dusk and I was in shorts. I should really know better!


The worst situation was when I kicked off my three-and-a-half-month backpacking trip, again in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. I got so many insect bite swellings in just a few days (including 40 just on my legs) that I went to several pharmacies, desperate for help. The pharmacists had never seen anything like it – I was covered. Many had swollen up into revolting welts (perhaps a sign of Skeeter Syndrome) and I couldn’t stop scratching. I bought every insect repellent and bite relief I could get my hands on, and even tried some weird and wonderful home remedies.


Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

I read that putting toothpaste on mosquito bites could help. Well, it didn’t. Someone recommended trying Deep Heat on my itchy mosquito bites – nope that didn’t work either.

I also heard that covering your body in vinegar might deter insects from biting at all. Cue me nipping into the hostel shower room, and coating myself in a layer of stinky vinegar! I’ll admit this was the low point of my trip, and no it still didn’t solve the problem.

Over the years I’ve tried various mosquito bite creams and lotions, but none have been particularly effective.

One of the main reasons why insect bites are annoying is the itch that comes afterwards. You tell yourself not to scratch it, that it’ll only make the bite worse, but you just can’t help yourself. Then they become itchier, more irritated, and perhaps even infected.

Bite Away Review

I’ve been using my Bite Away pen for over a year now. I ordered it just before going to Thailand and used it several times on that trip, then again in Dominica in the Caribbean, followed by Croatia last summer. It’s one of those items that I keep in my wash bag, and take wherever I go in the world. I think it’s the best thing for mosquito bites, and it really does stop bites itching in seconds.



I discovered the product on Amazon by chance after researching insect bite treatments. I’d tried so many creams and gels and had never found them particularly effective. The Bite Away pen had lots of really good reviews on Amazon, so I decided to take the plunge.

What Is Bite Away?

I call Bite Away my bug zapper! It’s a compact medical device that fits in the palm of your hand and is super simple to use.


The Bite Away pen lights up after pressing one of the two buttons

The compact electronic device uses heat technology to zap the bite. When you press the button, the ceramic tip of the device heats up to 51 degrees. When this concentrated heat is applied to the bite area, it reduces the itch, the size of the swelling and any pain associated with it.

The Bite Away pen applies concentrated heat through the ceramic contact on the end

How Do You Use Bite Away?

The Bite Away insect bite healer is really easy to use. The pen arrives with two AA batteries inserted, so all you need to do is decide which of the two turquoise buttons to press.

The left button applies three seconds of heat via the ceramic contact, the right button gives five seconds of heat. The little green light shows when it’s working.


My Thoughts On Using Bite Away

As mentioned, I’ve used it on several exotic trips, and have recommended it in a few of my blog posts before. I wanted to write a Bite Away review as it’s genuinely been a revelation! I always wear repellent, but the insects still seem to get me regardless of how much DEET or environmentally friendly sprays I coat my body in.

There’s something satisfying about using Bite Away. If I get bitten, my mind is saying ‘scratch it’ but instead I grab the pen out of my bag and apply to the area. It’s worth noting the heat shock can hurt a little, depending on the type of bite, but it just feels like a little electric prickle on the skin.

Bite Away insect bite healer

Why Do I Like Using Bite Away

The best thing about Bite Away is how instant the relief is. As soon as you discover the itchy bite, zap it and the itch is gone. It can reduce swellings immediately too. It’s so quick and easy, and within minutes you’ll forget about it!

Unlike other remedies for insect bites, the Bite Away pen lasts forever (you can just replace the batteries if they ever run out). I think the relief it provides lasts longer than topical insect bite creams and lotions.

I’ve never used it for bee or wasp stings, but according to research it works on most insect stings and bites.

I also like that it is chemical free, which makes a change from most wonder treatments!

Pop the Bite Away device in your wash bag for your holidays

Tips For Using Bite Away – Insect Bite Healer


I hope this Bite Away review helps you decide whether to purchase one for yourself. I always take it on my travels around the world now, and would 100% recommend it if you’re prone to mosquito bites like me!

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