Frequently asked questions

What is bite away®?

bite away® is a certified medical device “Made in Germany”, which can prevent the development of swelling and itching usually associated with insect stings and insect bites, using a concentrated burst of heat - no chemicals are used. This medical device is compact and can be brought along anywhere you go, so you can use it whenever needed.

Who can use bite away®?

Everyone, no matter how old*, whether male or female, can use bite away®. bite away® is also suited for pregnant women, children* and people suffering from allergies.

When using on children, please note that children’s skin is more sensitive to pain than that of adults. Prior to treating children, please tell them that bite away® will create heat that might feel unpleasant for a brief moment.

*Can be applied by oneself when 12 years and older

How does bite away® work?

The ceramic contact surface of bite away® is placed on the sting or bite. Touching one of the two buttons once (3 seconds when using the device for the first time and for people with sensitive skin / 5 seconds for normal use) leads to a temperature increase to around 51°C, which is maintained for the amount of time selected.

It is assumed that the purely physical procedure activates various signal routes and thus positively influences the immune and inflammatory reactions. Regulating the release of histamine and catabolic enzymes can dampen inflammatory reactions.

When should I use bite away®?

The affected area should be treated as soon as possible after the initial symptoms such as burning or tingling sensation, itching, tension or pain develop.

How should I apply bite away®?

Place the ceramic contact surface of bite away® on the sting or bite. After having pushed one of the two buttons (3 seconds when using the device for the first time and for people with sensitive skin / 5 seconds for normal use), a temperature of around 51°C is achieved and maintained for the selected time.

Should the accompanying symptoms not have disappeared completely, the application should be repeated until no more symptoms are noted. You must pause treatment for at least 10 seconds prior to starting another treatment.

Does bite away® make mosquito bites or insect bites go away?

No. bite away® treats the symptoms caused by insect bites or stings, which means that itching, pain and swelling is usually treated quickly and effectively.

What is included in the delivery?

The delivery includes the device as well as two AA batteries.

Are there any side effects when using bite away®?

As opposed to creams, gels and tablets that are used to treat the itching and swelling associated with insect bites, bite away® is completely free from chemicals. Depending on the person’s pain tolerance, the concentrated heat might feel unpleasant. People with sensitive skin might experience a brief period of skin redness after use. In rare cases, users with sensitive skin can experience a skin irritation.

Are there any at-risk groups such as people with pacemakers, pregnant women, people with allergies or epileptics who would not be allowed to use bite away®?

There are no limitations. Since bite away® presents with a purely physical effect, it is even suited for pregnant women, children* and people suffering from allergies.

*Can be applied by oneself when 12 years and older

How much does bite away® cost?

Dermapharm AG recommends a sale price of 29.95 €. We do not impinge on the prices of individual retailers.

How long do the batteries last and how can I change them?

The AA batteries included in the delivery will work for about 300 applications and can be changed, when needed. When wanting to change the batteries, please remove the battery cap. bite away® will let you know when the batteries need to be changed: the LEDs will blink three times and the acoustic signal will sound three times.

Please note: If you have a device from batch number 13/A01 or 13/A02, please ensure the batteries’ correct polarity; devices of this batch do not come with an electronic polarity protection (the worst-case scenario would be the development of a short circuit).

The following image shows you how to correctly insert the batteries: