Insect bites?
They don’t bug
me anymore.


Insect bites?

They don’t bug
me anymore.


Insect bites?

They don’t bug
me anymore.


Fast and reliable help against insect stings

In the summer or when traveling, you can hardly avoid being confronted by mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, horse flies and other pests. Thanks to bite away®, however, a minor bite or sting will not turn into a major drama anymore. Starting with the first application of bite away®, you will feel the relief from itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and stings.

  • Easy to use
  • Chemical-free - only using concentrated heat around 51°C
  • Also suitable for pregnant women, allergy suffers and children*
  • Certified medical device „Made in Germany”

*For self-application from the age of 12 years upwards

symptomatic treatment of insect bites

Easy to use; help you can count on

The ceramic contact surface of bite away® is placed on the bite or sting. After once-only activation of one of the two buttons (3 seconds for the inital treatment and for more sensitive skin / 5 seconds for a regular application) a temperature in the region of 51°C is reached for the selected time.

Really great – the number 1 for insect bites

  • Ceramic contact surface
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Up to 300 applications from one set of batteries
  • handy size (pen size)

Summer, sun, bite away®

For the whole family

bite away® works through concentrated heat only and is therefore also suited for pregnant women, children* as well as for people suffering from allergies. A great addition for everyone’s medicine cabinet!

*For self-application from the age of 12 years upwards

Always ready and available

Whether you are camping, hiking or traveling, for many outdoor fans and adventures, bite away® is the most important piece of equipment. bite away® is battery-operated and exhibits a handy size, allowing it to fit in any bag.

Keep the fun

Mosquitos, wasps and horse flies love being close to bodies of water. bite away® is a reliable tool in helping to treat insect bites and should therefore not be missing at the lake, swimming pool or beach.

The great outdoors is calling

Whether we are talking about your own backyard, when BBQing or when enjoying the evening on your balcony: unfortunately, insect bites are also part of the warm season. Just like bite away®: bite away® will provide relief from itching and swelling - in only seconds!

„This is THE best for treating bites! Even my allergy to moscito bites stops dead in its tracks! Fantastic !!!!!”

William B., 36

„I’m impressed at how well this works.”

Emily R., 27

„This bite pen is the best thing I have ever had for bites. I have tried creams and lotions and potions and nothing worked but this did.”

Elizabeth G., 45

„We found this amazing for mosquito bites. It stopped them itching immediately and worked great on 3 different people.”

Charlotte P., 32

„Fab little gadget. Kids were a bit reluctant but got used to it.”

Pete J., 41

No scratching. Buy bite away® right away!

bite away® is available at your local pharmacy.